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For Alex, magic is just pure theatre

Alex has travelled across the world to conjure in front of hundreds of people but all the while, he has wanted nothing more than to perform illusions and tricks in his home town.

And next March, Alex will fulfil his dream and set foot on the stage at the Haymarket Theatre.

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Magician Alex Lodge performs as fundraiser for Larson

The theater honor troupe Alpha Psi Omega had lined up magician Alex Lodge as a fund raiser for its own efforts. After junior Molly Larson's car accident, however, the group changed the money to go toward her hospital bills.

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Steve Dee Promotions Showcase 2006

A buzzing atmosphere was created right from the start as magician Alex Lodge worked his close-up skills around the tables. This young man knows how to connect with a crowd and his numerous, dexterous tricks were much appreciated.

Alex Lodge performed his own cabaret spot and he was able to showcase his ability to present stylish trickery. Standard stuff, involving doves, canes, etc, but, despite his youth, he showed a natural mastery of the art.

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Alex Lodge - Vision at The Haymarket Theatre

Alex Lodge, a former regular at the Reading Junior Days and a winner of the John Hart Trophy presented, 'Vision', his Magic and Illusion Show at The Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke last evening and scored well with the almost fully filled house.

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