Reality Illusionist Alex Lodge

The Online Series Goes Live 2013

Reality Illusionist Alex Lodge the online series went live this year. The idea came about years before Dyanmo even had a tv deal. Alex had told his father he wanted to be a professional magician and Alexs Dad said get a reality check son and Reality Illusionist was born. Business cards were printed and Alex promoted himself as a reality illusionist.
Years later reality illusionist was lost and forgotten. Alex had been given a hard time by television producers and his fellow magicians being made a laughing stock after an out take of Alexs illusion going wrong on national tv and then on youtube. Alex had enough of television producers and fellow magician not giving him a break. After buying a HD camera Alex decided to get to work and produce the first part of reality illusionist taking the audience back in time to when Alex was a child at school struggling with dyslexic and how Alex discovered the art of magic and how it changed his life. Alex went onto produce up to date parts two three and four looking at the reality of being an illusionist and what goes on behind the scenes before part five with assistant on a cruise got wiped. To watch parts One Two Three And Four go to Alexs You Tube Page by coping and pasting this link into your browser.


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