Alex on Britain Got Talent 2012

Dose Britain Know What Real Talent Is!?!?!?!

Apparently not after Alex plucked up the courage to perform in-front of the judges on ITV 1 Britain s Got Talent in 2012. Unfortunately Alex found out this ITV 1 program is not about finding British Talent but a comedy based drama about untalented judges who have some how made there way in show business. Not only that but if it was a British Talent show then why are so many overseas acts entering this British Talent show!!! As for the pointless buzzers why are they needed when the judges give you and yes or no after an act has performed. Surely if an act only gets one buzz then the act is though to the finales but it dose not work like that because the judges then make a decision point proven in the pointless buzzers. The simple fact is the producers have got it all wrong and should have produced a show called Search for the next Superstar as that is all Simon Cowell is interested in making a quick buck out of an act and dose not seem to care about the talent that took years of practice. So after the public watching television shows like Britain s Got Talent do Britain know what real talent is!?!??! If you think watching a television show like Britain s Got Talent is a good representation of British talent then you should go and watch a real variety show and then make up your mind on who produces the best talent the acts or the television producers. Overall it was a chance for Alex to present his magic and illusion act and not care about what the judges have to say as if they care about Alex anyway. Alex says that is the hardest part about being on stage is getting people to actually care about what you are doing and the years of practise.


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